Watch gaskets

Watch gaskets

The production of watch gaskets is our absolute area of specialisation, one in which we have many years of experience and on which we can thus draw enormous expertise. Our gaskets guarantee maximum water-tightness and excellent chemical and thermal resistance.


To meet your particular requirements, we can produce our gaskets in a wide variety of materials and colours, while the standard options comprise Hytrel, Zytel, Arnitel and AubrydurPAMT.

Transparent gaskets

Our Tefzel (ETFE) gasket offers you a transparent product with outstanding chemical and thermal resistance.

As an alternative, we offer our transparent seal Aubrydur PAMT. It also has very good resistance to chemicals and weathering (UV).

These allow our gaskets to meet the highest expectations, not only in terms of visual appearance, but also with regard to technical properties.

Round gaskets for watch glasses

We produce high-precision gaskets in various plastic materials and custom colours.

The round glass gaskets are provided with two glass chamfers, which eliminate the need to position the gasket.

For the production of this type of gasket, we can draw on our large stock of tools, which makes fast delivery possible.

Special designs with diameters from 4-50mm can be produced on request.


We use 2 production processes for round gaskets:

Plastic injection moulding

With this method, the gaskets are injection-moulded using an injection-moulding tool. This produces a homogeneous surface that aids the seating of the watch glass. The process is economical and ideally suited to large production volumes. Because of our large stock of tools, we can supply our clients quickly. In the case of special requirements, we can manufacture the new tools in-house to the client’s drawings.

Turning from bar stock

The gaskets produced by this machining process are distinguished by a high degree of precision. As the process does not require an injection-moulding tool, it is ideally suited to small production runs and prototypes. Machining of multiple chamfers, fins or special contours is no problem either.

Shaped gaskets for watch glasses

We produce high-precision shaped gaskets in the desired materials, shapes and colours to customers’ drawings.

Thanks to a modern CAD/CAE/CAM system, production of virtually any conceivable contour is possible (flat gaskets, arched gaskets, double or quadruple-arched gaskets, etc.).

Watch back gaskets

We produce cylindrical back gaskets based on the “Sanfil back” system using optimised plastic materials and with specific chamfers.

We also offer shaped back gaskets for the Sanfil snap-back system.

Stamped gaskets

We produce high-precision stamped flat gaskets to customers’ drawings in a variety of materials.

We make the necessary tools in our own toolmaking shop.

Available materials

  • NBR nitrile
  • PTFE
  • Silicone
  • Teflon (transparent FEP)
  • Delrin
  • PVDF Kynar
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